Shindig! is moving!

Hey Shindiggers!

The next party will be our last Shindig! at Crawford. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Crawford for all of their love and support. One of our residents, Splattermonkey, will be continuing with a new party at Crawford on the first Friday of every month but it will no longer be a Shindig! Party. Come and help us say goodbye to all of the wonderful people at Crawford tomorrow night for Greasers vs. Socs Part II : Revenge of The Socs! at Crawford, 718 College Street. 
Because of your overwhelming attendance and energy, we will be moving this party to the LAST Friday of every month at The Piston, 937 Bloor Street West at Ossington on September 30th. The Piston is a great little venue with a kick ass sound system that's fully equipped for Live bands to play. We will be incorporating some Live Rhythm & Blues, Soul and Rockabilly bands into our parties starting in October!
Thanks for everything Crawford! We'll miss you!

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