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Shindig! started back in March 2011 when DJ Splattermonkey of Radio Regent's Bruckbeat Radio and DJ Double K of The Parkdale Funk Show and CIUT's Funky Fridays felt that there were too many Funk and Soul parties that were becoming real sausage fests, (mainly attended by dudes), and they were all playing the same music. So, they decided to throw an all 7" 45, 50s and 60s Rhythm & Blues Dance party at Sutra Tiki Bar in little Italy. (Legendary U.K. Northern Soul DJ, Keb Darge was noticing the same thing in England so, he started to incorporate more Rhythm & Blues and Rockabilly music in his sets.) The reaction to this party was amazingly positive and the turn out was fantastic. So much that they decided to move the party to the basement of little Italy's hottest new bar, Crawford and add the amazing talents of the incomparable DJ General Eclectic of Footprints and Uma Nota fame. The crowds kept coming and word spread like wildfire. Mainly due to the fact that no one else in the city was playing old Rhythm & Blues 45s and the ratio of Women to Men was Three to One! This recipe has made Shindig! one of  Toronto's fastest growing monthly parties. Shindig can now be found in it's new home, The Piston, 937 Bloor Street West at Ossington on the last Friday of every month.

Toronto's ONLY all vinyl, all 50s & 60s Rhythm & Blues Dance Party!

On the last Friday of every month at The Piston, 937 Bloor Street West in Toronto, Ontario Canada in the back room!

With resident 45 selectors Splattermonkey, Double K (Parkdale Funk), and General Eclectic. Playing the best original Soul, Rhythm & Blues and early Rock n' Roll 7" 45 RPM records all night!

$5 before 11:00 p.m. and only $10 after. 19+

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