Big Maybelle - "I've Got A Feelin'"

Hey Shindiggers,

This song is another Shindig! staple courtesy of resident DJ, Double K of The Parkdale Funk Show. Big Maybelle is one of our favorite artists to play at Shindig! Her raw, gospel rooted, R&B sound is really the epitome of what Shindig! is all about. Big Maybelle became famous in 1956 when she released the hit song "Candy" but here career started long before that. In the 1930s she began her professional career on tour with The Sweethearts of Rhythm, an all female swing group that featured Tiny Davis, Jackie Glenn and Mattie Watson. In the early 1940s she made her first recording on Decca Records with Christine Chatman's Orchestra. Soon after she toured with the Tiny Bradshaw band and her work with him and Oran "Hot Lips" Page led to a couple of appearances on King records. By the start of the 1950s she was now working as a solo artist but bookings were sporadic and recording sessions were non-existent. At an appearance with Jimmy Witherspoon at Detroit's Flame Show Bar in 1952, she finally started to gain attention and it paid off and she was soon signed by Okeh Records out of New York City. This song "I've got a feelin'" was released in 1954 on Okeh Records.


Don't forget to come to the Shindig! Zombie Party on October 28th at The Piston, 937 Bloor Street West to hear this and many more great tunes from the 1950s and 1960s. Come dressed as a Zombie from the 50s  or 60s and get a free CD while supplies last.

See you there!

- Shindig! Jimmy

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