Shindig Halloween! Death At The Drive-In!

Howdy hi Shindiggers!

It's that time, once again, where we pull out our Deadly Rhythm n' Blues, Psychobilly, Haunting Instrumentals, Bewitching Soul, Blood Curdling Garage and Murderous Mod 45s! This Friday, October 26th at The Piston, 937 Bloor Street West in Toronto, Ontario, Canada! Costumes are optional but they will get you in free before midnight. Dancing is a must! So, get ready to sweat to the creepiest 50s and 60s tunes ever laid down on 7" 45s at our 2nd annual Shindig Halloween Party! "Death at the Drive-In" is the theme so, think of your favorite classic horror movie characters and come dressed to kill!

See you on the dance floor!

- Shindig_Jimmy

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