2012 The year in review!

Howdy Hi Shindiggers!

Thanks for making 2012 such a great year! We had a blast making you dance and we're planning on continuing to make you dance to sweet vintage R&B 7" 45 rpm records throughout 2013. I just want to take this time to reflect on our year with you and point out my ten (10) favorite shindig parties of 2012!

#10 Diabloavacado!

We kicked off the year in January with special guest D.J. Diabloavacado who brought us a new perspective on Doo Wop and other wild sounds of the 50s and 60s!

#9 Shindig! 420 Edition!

In April, we changed the date and threw our party a week earlier because our resident General Eclectic was throwing his amazing Uma Nota Party on the last Friday! All of our amazing Shindig regulars came out and we had a ball! We also launched our new logo that night!

#8 A Stone Soul Christmas!

In December we threw a "one off" Christmas party in collaboration with Double Barrel Ottawa and had DJ Magnificent come through with his amazing 7" 45 rpm Soul, Funk and Reggae selections! This flyer was designed by Brittney Townson of Bangs & Blush! Thanks Brittney! You're the best!

#7 Girl Groups V. Guy Groups!

In February we decided to invite our two (2) favorite female Rock n' Soul selectors to spin a battle of the sexes! DJs Nico and Misty Rock n' Roll came to The Piston armed with some of the best Girl Group 7" 45 rpm records I've ever heard and battled our resident DJs General Eclectic and Double K (Parkdale Funk) while DJ Splattermonkey played the role of host and referee!

#6 Mop-Top Jukebox

In May, we decided to pay special tribute to the British invasion's contribution to R&B music by playing a whole night of British invasion 7" 45 rpm records and their early American influences!

#5 Misty Rock n' Roll!

In July we invited DJ Misty Rock n' Roll to come back and spin some vintage R&B, Popcorn, Soul and Garage Rock tunes and she delivered with authority and sent the dance floor in to a frenzy!

#4 The 2nd Annual Shindig Beach Party!

In June we held our 2nd annual Shindig Beach Party and the place was full of our favorite Shindiggers dressed in their summertime beach wear while Splattermonkey, General Eclectic and Parkdale Funk played some of their favorite Surf, Garage, Titty Shakers and Popcorn tunes from the 50s and 60s!

#3 Northern Soul V. Southern Soul!

In November we decided to expand on our ever popular Motown V. Stax party and play some other gems from our ever expanding Soul music collections! We definitely got a lot more funky than usual at this party! Good times!

#2 Stax V. Motown!

In August, we threw our most popular theme party, Motown V. Stax! Parkdale Funk, General Eclectic and Splattermonkey set the dance floor on fire with their favorite songs from the two best Soul music record labels of all time!

#1 Shindig! One (1) Year Anniversary Party!

Of course the best party of 2012 was our One (1) Year Anniversary Jam in March! Soo many people came out and celebrated with us! We saw all of our favorite regulars as well as some new faces that helped us make this first milestone the best Shindig Party ever! Big thanks to Becca Lemire and Amena Assaily for taking such great photos that night!

Once again, Thanks for making this past year soo special! We promise to make 2013 even better with more awesome theme parties and lots and lots of great music!

See you in January!

- Shindig_Jimmy

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