Shakin' all over!

A lovely shindigger came to us with an amazing request last Shindig! and I forgot the 45 at home. Unfortunately I also forgot the name of the band that recorded this tune. As soon as I got home I looked through my 45s and when I finally found it, I was kicking myself for not remembering the name of the band. How could I forget that this amazing 60s Garage rock tune was recorded by non other than Winnipeg Manitoba's own The Guess Who! No no no. That's the name of the band. The bands name is The Guess Who. You know, Burton Cummings, Randy Bachman, American Woman, These Eyes, Share The Land, The Guess Who! At least I know I will never forget that again. I also won't forget to bring that 45 to Shindig! ever again. Well, here's your request lovely shindigger. Sorry I couldn't play it for you at The Piston last month. I promise to play it this month for sure!

Next month Shindig! welcomes a very special guest DJ Diabloavacado!

See you at The Piston!


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