Forget NYE, Let's Shindig!

Hey Shindiggers!

New Years Eve is usually a time when amateur party people go out and get waaay too drunk and sloppy. You usually end up getting booze all over your dress or have to break up a fight. Sometimes you get hurt by these type of people or end up having to babysit them. This is NOT what Shindig! is all about.
Shindig! is about the music. That sweet sweet 50s and 60s R&B music that makes you throw your hands in the air and dance your ass off! Which is why we choose to play it all from original 7" 45 RPM records and why we are holding this party the DAY BEFORE NEW YEARS EVE! Friday December 30th, 2011.It's also why soo many people love this party so much! Especially the Ladies. Our Facebook page statistics prove it! 58% Female, 41% Male and 1% ... umm ... transgender? Not sure. Don't care. Shindig! doesn't judge. We just offer the very best musical selections from the 50s and early 60s all on 7" 45 RPM vinyl records and one HELL of a GOOD TIME!

That's Shindig! at the Piston, 937 Bloor Street West on FridayDecember 30th, 2011! Free before 11 p.m. and only $5.00 after. 19 +

Get there early or you won't get in!

See you on the Dance Floor!

- Shindig_Jimmy

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